Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Security fail #2: badge problems solved the old fashioned way

Back at my old job, we had a “Configuration Center.” It was an area that was dedicated to unboxing and building/deploying new desktops and laptops for an agricultural/construction equipment manufacturer.  When a good portion of the downstairs area was remodeled, our entryway got a magnetized security door which was opened by our access badge on the outside and a via a metal panel on the inside which was activated by touch capacitance.

One day after the remodel, everyone else was either out to lunch or deploying computers and I had to get in ASAP – and of course, I forgot my badge inside.

The doors were secure enough, but there was a gap on the hinged side.  Seeing this, I grabbed a wire hanger from a nearby office, bent it at an angle and slid through the opening by the hinges…I then turned it and tapped the panel – then heard a satisfying *click* as the door unlocked.  I had to do this a number of times (yeah, I’m forgetful) during my tenure there.

The sad thing is that door was monitored via camera by the on-site security group, and they were right down the hall (like 30 feet) from us.  Did we ever get questioned as to why we were getting in the room that way?  Nope – far as I know, the door is still set up that way.

Picture Source [Elsie esq. (CC)]