Monday, March 4, 2024
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User Break Things So We Have Something To Do

I work in a school district going from school to school doing all sorts of calls, from computers to printers even projectors. Today I got a call from one of my schools saying “The printer in the office keeps printing multiples of everything!” so of couse I typically assume that the person is typing in more than 1+ when it asks how many copies do you want to print of this file. So before I even sit down to a computer and take a look, just for giggles I look at the printer and print out the configuration page it starts spewing out page after page of the same thing. I hit cancel as fast as I can. I unplug the printer, reseat the memory. Plug it back in, do another configuration test page print and it prints multiples. I check printer configuration and it’s set to print 32,000 copies. Yes that’s right, thirty two thousand copies. When I ask if anyone has touched any settings on the printer I get a response “Yea it was acting funny so all of us were trying to fix it the other day”