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“What idiot keeps a permanent marker near his whiteboard?”

“What idiot keeps a permanent marker near his whiteboard?”

The funny part of this story isn’t actually computer related, but the backstory leading up to it was…

The year was 2003 – I was at my previous job, and before we had a really robust AV solution on our systems, we would routinely get infected with viruses. Our company layout was basically a North American hub, connected remotely via 56K (in some locations) all the way up to 512K IP enabled frame-relay…i.e. SLOW. However, most access at the remote plants were basically relegated to Citrix, AS/400 connectivity, with some minor domain replication going on with their AD Domain Controllers, so speed wasn’t needed, but with the very nature of IP enabled frame-relay, it made virus propagation very easy.

Anyway – one day, we had one of our epic virus infections and I was working late to try and clean up systems and view router connection stats. My manager comes in, grabs a marker from his pocket and start hashing out a response plan on my freshly installed whiteboard behind my desk.

We get a hefty bit of info/plan on the whiteboard and my boss puts the marker down on my desk – – I look at it closer – he just used a permanent Sharpie marker on my whiteboard. He immediately realized what he had done and said “What kind of idiot keeps a permanent marker on his whiteboard?” and walks out.

Not that it couldn’t be removed, but didn’t I have enough things to clean up already?

Picture source: [Blitzen the Demoralizer (CC)]



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