Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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“There’s A Hacker In The Parking Lot, Go Find Him” [story]

I’m a know-nothing-fresh out of college kid in his first week at an actual IT job. Immediately we have a security issue. My boss says that there is an unknown device attached to our wireless network (he found the suspicious device name in DNS). He had me search the parking lot for someone “hacking” from their car. I’m sweating bullets. Is this what IT is like? Hackers everywhere trying to do me harm?

My boss finds this $700 product on, I kid you not, Sharper Image, that can pinpoint where wireless clients hide. You would have sworn we were on a James Bond mission.

Long story short, the “tracking device” basically blinked random lights, and the “rogue device” was a cell phone…that belonged to my boss. I learned that common sense is about 90% of IT.

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