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11 Reasons Why Your IT Tech Might Just Despise You [info]

Don’t get me wrong.  I like to help folks out – but its the users that don’t really think before they call us that get me.  Somewhat on the heels of “10 things your IT guy wants you to know,” I present to you some pet peeves I’ve experienced personally.

11. You get pissed off and hang up on IT because they asked you to “open a ticket” because they were already busy with something and didn’t want to forget what it was you called about.

10. You keep asking IT “when is the server going to be up,” but instead only delaying the server repair by doing this every 5 minutes because you have a report to get out.  You’re acting like a pop-up ad.  Stop it.

9. You ask IT to train everyone on how to use the calendaring system, but you don’t show up to training because you don’t know how to use the calendaring system; making you by far the worst offender.

8. You can’t find your battery for your laptop and blame IT because they “never gave you one.”

7. You keep submitting tickets to IT asking for “more coffee” or alerting them that “a customer threw up in the lobby.”

6. You submit tickets with information like “Computer not working” or “Internet is broken” with no additional details.  Thanks.

5. You complain about how your “monitor doesn’t look right” and how “IT always messes up your computer” after they came in and completely restored your system because you infected your computer with a virus…this occurring AFTER being explicitly told “NOT to open that attachment” in yesterday’s email.

4. You keep figuring out ways of removing administrative privileges from your computer because you “don’t trust anyone.”

3. You complain your “laptop NEVER works right” as you drop it on IT’s desk from a height of 2 feet, when in fact the wireless switch was turned off.  By you.

2. You call IT to “do you a favor” and figure out how to work your way around the web filter so you can shop for Victoria’s Secret merchandise during work hours.

1. You call IT for an emergency on Christmas because you can’t get your son’s iPod connected to your wireless network.