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Way Back Wednesday: 1995 Movie – Hackers

Before they were a powerful fairy and an eccentric detective, Maleficent and Sherlock Holmes were teenage hackers.

1995 gave us Hackers. Zero Cool is a preteen hacker who gets busted for crashing a record 1,507 systems in one day and causing the New York Stock Exchange to dip. He is banned from using computers or touch tone telephones until he turns eighteen. Zero Cool starts hacking again under the handle Crash Override when he receives a computer for his eighteenth birthday. He meets some new hacker friends including a girl named Kate and lots-o-shenanigans ensue. I wont spoil it here, you’ll have to watch it.

Way Back Wednesday - Hackers Recently I’ve been showing my children movies from my past when I came across this gem. Teenage me loved it. I watched it for the first time at my friends house on LaserDisc. Don’t remember LaserDisc? Imagine a CD the size of a 12″ vinyl record and you’ve got a pretty good idea. You had to manually flip the disc over to watch the whole movie; at least in those days. Not sure LaserDisc made it much past the late 90’s.

Now, who’s up for watching Big Trouble In Little China with me next?

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