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If You Could Read Your Welcome Pack, That’d Be Great [story]

I wasn’t sure how to title this without giving away the end…sorry!

As a general safety-related best practice (I recommend everyone do this if possible) I have a PowerShell script which watches our Cisco logs as calls are made, specifically for 911.  When the dial string is found, the script emails a distribution list with the dialing extension, physical location, assigned user (if there is one), call length, for the call in question, sends the email, and then deletes the log.  This accomplishes two goals; 1.) the internal first-responders can assist if necessary, and 2.) our receptionist can direct the emergency crews to the proper location in our building when they arrive.

Normally, we have maybe one 911 call every four or five weeks.  Last Friday, we had six in one day.  Upon a cursory examination of the emailed log, we noted every call was dialed from the lobby phone.  My co-worker and I rush to the receptionist desk – there’s a sandwich delivery guy standing by the phone in the vestibule.  By the time we see him and chat with our receptionist about what was going on, the girl who ordered lunch has picked up her sandwich and the delivery driver is on his way out the door not 30 seconds before the police arrive.

The police officer asks questions, we explain what happens, the delivery guy must have dialed the wrong number…five times in a row(!), the cop leaves.

At 3:00pm, we get another notification of a 911 call, this time directly from an extension of one of the office workers – huh, it’s the same person who received the sandwich earlier.

My co-worker, perplexed, looks up her info in our phone system, stares at it for a couple minutes, then turns to me and says – “Those small Cisco phones…what model are those?”   I reply…”It should say in the system (his head makes a knowing nod), right?  It’s a 79…11…”

The girl thought her extension was conveniently and professionally printed directly on the phone and told the delivery guy her extension was just that.  Or in other words, ‘7’ to dial out, then ‘911’ to get the emergency response number.

To her credit, she was a new employee, but everyone here gets a packet of info with all their important details, including their phone extension.