Saturday, October 16, 2021

Human Reads Book, Confuses Mass Consumers Of Data [pic]

Kudos to bro-bro for busting out the Gutenberg bTablet! via:

The scoop on Iphones [Pic]

Sometimes you just need a PC to do a Mac's job.

Google ruined a donkey’s dirt bath, conspirassy dedonked! [news]

If you're not aware, Google has made the news again, but not in the usual way - this time, people have called them out...

If you log into Facebook on a demo phone at Verizon…

...don't forget to log out.

Oh hey, on your way out, can I have the root password please?

This story takes place while I was a consultant working for a firm out of Texas. For this gig I was sent to a...

Wayback Wednesday: First true website restored to former glory

Usually, when someone restores a historically relevant object, it is truly a spectacular thing, like restoring a vintage prop from an iconic TV series. ...

You know these people.

I work in a school. So I get a LOT of stupid questions, from staff and students. Just recently I've put up the classic...

Overly Attached Computer: “Love me again”

Featuring the poster-girl for one of the most popular memes of 2012, the Overly Attached Girlfriend...a PSA from your computer:   via:

Happy Halloween! [pic]

"it's wireless"

Well, I Think This Laptop Is Shot [pic]

"The item functions perfectly but as seen on the photo, there is a bullet hole just below the screen. A firearm discharged accidentally while being...