Sunday, March 26, 2023

FailDesk Wins Netwrix SysAdmin Blog Award For Most Humorous IT Blog [news]

HOLY CRAP! FailDesk won the Netwrix SysAdmin Blog Award for Most Humorous IT Blog! This is seriously the coolest thing to ever happen to FailDesk. I've...

FailDesk – Nominated For SysAdmin Blog Award [info]

FailDesk has been shortlisted for a SysAdmin Blog Award - Most Humorous Blog You read that correctly! We were chosen as a finalist for the...

New Gmail Phishing Attack [news]

Wordfence (a cyber security firm) reported a Phishing scam that targets Gmail users. They are calling it "highly effective." The attackers send an email to your Gmail...

Apple, It Just Works [pic]

Someone on imgur or reddit mashed these together. Not sure where I found it. Yes, yes, I know you could use Bluetooth headphones...

Happy Halloween! [pic]

"it's wireless"
Malwarebytes Acquires AdwCleaner

Malwarebytes Acquires AdwCleaner [news]

Malwarebytes acquires AdwCleaner! It's also bringing two of its developers Jérôme Boursier and Corentin Chepeau onto their engineering and research team. AdwCleaner is a removal tool for: PUPs,...

Samsung Is Recalling “Safe Replacement” Phones Too [psa]

Hey Faildeskers, not sure if you've seen but Samsung has issued a recall for the "Safe Replacements" of the Note 7s. Power down your devices...

Cleaning Up Server Storage And What Do We Spy? [pic]

This definitely NOT work related.  

You Need To Update Your iPhone Today! [PSA]

A patch was issued by Apple yesterday to address a major flaw in iOS. It was discovered when a user received a text message...

10 User Excuses [comic]

Join Spiceworks in celebrating the 12 Days Of Sysmas leading up to Sysadmin day Friday July 29!