Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cleaning Up Server Storage And What Do We Spy? [pic]

This definitely NOT work related.  

You Need To Update Your iPhone Today! [PSA]

A patch was issued by Apple yesterday to address a major flaw in iOS. It was discovered when a user received a text message with a web link. The user, human rights activist Ahmed Monsoor, forwarded the link to researchers instead of opening it. Clicking...

10 User Excuses [comic]

Join Spiceworks in celebrating the 12 Days Of Sysmas leading up to Sysadmin day Friday July 29!

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps [fun diversion]

Happy April 1st, everyone!  For a fun diversion today, Google developers have added Pac-Man fun to their Maps platform! For the most part, any area with enough roads is playable, you need to zoom in/out until you get an optimum Pac-Man area to work with. Here's...

1980’s Hackers: Meet The 414s [video]

Interesting look at some 80's hackers. via:

Is This Your Email Address? [pic]

Man, authenticating your email address just got serious. via

“Had To Run Some CAT5…” – Nailed It. [pic]

Nothing more to via

11 Reasons Why Your IT Tech Might Just Despise You [info]

Don't get me wrong.  I like to help folks out - but its the users that don't really think before they call us that get me.  Somewhat on the heels of "10 things your IT guy wants you to know," I present to you...

Barbie Gets A Job As A Computer Engineer, Makes IT And Feminism Look Bad Simultaneously [story]

Barbie, you suck. Now, I'm all for girls getting into IT, a male dominated field (wha?) - as a matter of fact, I hope that my daughter will be a competent coder or at least know how computers operate on some level that seems to...

It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Tumor: ArnoldC, The Programming Language [some NSFW language]

Creative Commons Lon R. Fong
  Finally, a programming language I can get into!  Someone (or a group of someones) has decided to develop a language derived from campy Arnold Schwarzenegger movie one-liners and dubbed it "ArnoldC" - THIS IS PURE GENIUS. Direct from GitHub (a collaboration site for developing software): "Although the...