Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Apple, It Just Works [pic]

Someone on imgur or reddit mashed these together. Not sure where I found it. Yes, yes, I know you could use Bluetooth headphones...

Happy Halloween! [pic]

"it's wireless"

Malwarebytes Acquires AdwCleaner [news]

Malwarebytes Acquires AdwCleaner
Malwarebytes acquires AdwCleaner! It's also bringing two of its developers Jérôme Boursier and Corentin Chepeau onto their engineering and research team. AdwCleaner is a removal tool for: PUPs, adware, toolbars, and even browser hijacks. Recently, Malwarebytes has reaffirmed their dislike for PUPs; this acquisition should help strengthen their resources for detection and...

Samsung Is Recalling “Safe Replacement” Phones Too [psa]

Hey Faildeskers, not sure if you've seen but Samsung has issued a recall for the "Safe Replacements" of the Note 7s. Power down your devices and contact your carrier about replacement.   Read more at WSJ and arstechnica.

Cleaning Up Server Storage And What Do We Spy? [pic]

This definitely NOT work related.  

You Need To Update Your iPhone Today! [PSA]

A patch was issued by Apple yesterday to address a major flaw in iOS. It was discovered when a user received a text message with a web link. The user, human rights activist Ahmed Monsoor, forwarded the link to researchers instead of opening it. Clicking...

10 User Excuses [comic]

Join Spiceworks in celebrating the 12 Days Of Sysmas leading up to Sysadmin day Friday July 29!

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps [fun diversion]

Happy April 1st, everyone!  For a fun diversion today, Google developers have added Pac-Man fun to their Maps platform! For the most part, any area with enough roads is playable, you need to zoom in/out until you get an optimum Pac-Man area to work with. Here's...

1980’s Hackers: Meet The 414s [video]

Interesting look at some 80's hackers. via:

Is This Your Email Address? [pic]

Man, authenticating your email address just got serious. via