Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Obama doesn’t need to borrow a computer [video]

Love him or hate him, this is pretty funny - during an interview on Univsion, President Obama is asked if he uses a computer.   [youtube]

Wayback Wednesday: First true website restored to former glory

Usually, when someone restores a historically relevant object, it is truly a spectacular thing, like restoring a vintage prop from an iconic TV series.  Some others though, are on the surface, not so much, but then...there's this. CERN, the people who brought us what we...

Just how expensive can a Mac get? [pic]

...apparently, as much as a used 2-door Infiniti G35 - decisions, decisions. via:

Wayback Wednesday: The $332 Mouse, Circa 1983 [story]

From my Facebook Timeline - I never had the pleasure of seeing one of these (this was before my time), but I do remember the Sun Sparc stations had something like these.  The mousepads were awesome! From what I am reading on Wikipedia, some of these,...

iPhone vs. Treadmill [pic]

Guess who won? via:

This was what it was like installing Windows 95: The Progress Bar [video]

Some of our readers might not be old enough to remember the terrible plight of the floppy-based installations for "large" programs back in the 90's. Rather than tell you all of how bad it was, here is a video that accurately depicts the frustration...

Wayback Wednesday: “Spacewar!” – the first space shooter, circa 1961

Here's a video (and a linked story) for a space shooter created in 1961 on a PDP-1. Don't get your hopes up to play Spacewar! on it's original home, as only 3 PDP-1's are known to exist at this time.  However, if you make it...

Senior Tech: Passive aggressive behavior for the texting age

Texting for the senior generation: A new way to be passive aggressive! Ha! [youtube] via: