Sunday, June 16, 2019

Make Any Switch POE! [pic]

*Do not actually do this*

Don’t Print Large Jobs? [pic]

We've found the culprit. 

You Have To Smirk At The Sellers Boldness [pic]

  Really should have known better.. //

We Can’t Tell Why You Have Wireless Trouble [pic]

"why is the carpet all wet, todd?"

Happy Thanksgiving! [pic]

Thank you all for your continued support. Make sure to eat lots of turkey and pie!via:

Don’t Lie About Rebooting Your Computer [video]


On The Surface, It Seemed Okay To Use A Hair Dryer [pic]

...well, on the Surface keyboard, anyway.Spiceworks Community member ianmoore recounts:"User came up and asked if we had a new surface keyboard, turns out he managed to melt his keyboard after spilling water and deciding to dry it with a hair dryer."Plastic and heat...