Every thug needs a label.

The other day I was researching a purchase and came across this. I’m sure there is a lot of talk in back alleys about label printer pricing.

  • http://about.me/gregmalleus Greg Malleus

    I always thought “Street Price” was a commonly used term.

  • Bill Curnow

    Greg, “Street Price” has been a commonly used term for hardware/software pricing for decades.

  • http://twitter.com/scottbrosnanIT Scott Brosnan

    I’ve never heard the term street price regarding retail items let alone seen it on a website. Drugs and bootleg DVDs around here have street price.

    • Bill Curnow

      Scott, the street price of software or hardware is what the going retail rate is and not the MSRP.  I’ll grant you it’s pretty unusual to see a web store refer to their price as the street price, but its quite common among customers and salesmen, especially when dealing with big iron.