Saturday, February 24, 2018

Switch To Microsoft Edge! [pic]

  These Edge pop-ups are getting a little out of hand.

How To Fix Your Broken Internet [video]


End Users Are Liars [pic]

From reddit/techsupportgore: "It was like that when you gave it to me"

Keep Your Printers Off The Internet [pic]

Sharing is caring but not in this case. Googling some error codes for a troublesome printer we stumbled across these results. Yep, that's a printer inside a University available openly on the internet. These results aren't valid anymore, right? Wrong. We've see this before and...

Savior Of The Packets [pic]


How To Fix A Samsung External M3 Hard Drive [info]

We've all had that pit in our stomach at least once. You plug in your external drive and hear the dreaded clicking - then it never shows up in Windows Explorer. HAL_UK has an awesome tutorial on how to fix the Samsung M3 external drive....

What Is My Purpose? [pic]

Very accurate.