Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Socially Acceptable?

Snippets of social network status updates and posts that are on the fringe of acceptable. Awkward chat sessions are welcome here too…

Work-Space Evolution


No one would steal it.


Don’t Mess With Mr. Taco [texting prank]

Warning, some NSFW language and oh - the image size here is around 800KB, no way around it!via:

The Real ReasonThe Excel Icon Is An X [pic]

"The real reason why the Microsoft Excel icon is an X instead of an E"via:

Lunch Anyone?

But can you make a grilled cheese on it? Testing begins today!via:

Every thug needs a label.

The other day I was researching a purchase and came across this. I'm sure there is a lot of talk in back alleys about label printer pricing.

Sticky Keys, Poor Typists Repent [comic]

Yep, we've answered a lot of calls for sticky keys...Windows Sticky Keys, not gross teenager sticky keys.via

No one uses Microsoft anymore!


The Google Prayer

Our Google, who art in ether, Cached be thy name, Thy results will come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Cyberspace Give us this day our daily feed and forgive us our searches as we forgive those who search against us but deliver us from malware For thine is...