USERS: You don’t have to enter every web address into Google.

That’s what the address bar is for.

via: [quickmeme]

  • Tommi Henriksen

    Actually, I Google unfamiliar web addresses a lot
    It lets me know what people are saying about it, or reported threats, etc.

  • rednecksquirrel

    Google Chrome…. all-in-one bar….

  • Goober

    Considering how many browsers hide the address bar by default, it’s hardly surprising people use Google instead. Is it even possible to turn it on in Chrome?
    One the other hand, why do you care what other people do?

  • Jules Winnfield

    Google “Google” again. Google “Google” again. I dare you. I double dare you, motherfucker. Google “Google” one more goddamn time!