You’ve already failed

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    • I’m guessing it’s because he’s suppose to be on a MCTS course but doesn’t even know the software to make a virtual pc but yeh you’re right it’s not a fail. Doing a course on networking doesn’t mean you should know how to make virtual pcs.

      • Are you kidding me? If you are looking to become certified in ANYTHING IT-related, 99% of the time, you are TRAINING in a virtualized environment. The other thing is – like John said, if you can’t perform a simple search for virtualzation and get some answers there – then you are wasting your money and your future.

  1. I think that, by far, the biggest fail here is his use of Yahoo answers. As someone who works professionally as a Systems and Network Administrator, I would say if he can’t learn to use Google to find his own answers, he is not going to last long. A quick Google search for “virtual server software”, and the very first result was for VMWare’s server product which is free, and can be installed on just about any workstation.

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