Words of holiday wisdom

“Just got handed a Compaq Presario laptop, it is older than the dust in my basement. It has a fried backlight, useless CDROM, and dead battery. “Can you clean this up so I can give it to someone who doesn’t have a computer?”

I offered to destroy the hard drive and drop it off at a computer recycler tomorrow. But they didn’t quite understand – it can still run Windows me, it still has the sticker on the palm rest.

I explained giving this laptop to someone would be like dropping a penny in donation kettle, or expired can of spam for the food pantry …

Happy holidays to anyone else doing tech support today – I lift an eggnog to you.”

– and we lift an eggnog to you! – Rob

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

Picture Source: [katielips (CC)]

2 Responses to Words of holiday wisdom

  1. My mom wanted to give an old workstation to my cousin for the same reason.. that thing weighs over 50 pounds and it says made for Windows 95/NT. I’d rather sell it to someone into old computers not someone that’d probably end up throwing it away.

  2. Just put some GNU/Linux distro with LXDE (e.g. openSUSE) on it and it’ll work fine. If it’s at least P3 + 64MB of RAM it’ll be good.

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