Friday, October 18, 2019

Upgrading From Windows 1.0 to 8 – Just Wow [video]

This has no audio, so fire up some %current_band% or whatever you kids listen to these days and enjoy this awesome vid. [youtube]via

24 Disk RAID Is Friggin’ Awesome [video]

Not a fail...oh, no, not by a longshot - - - but waaaaay awesome.DVD Rip in .8 seconds?  Yes, thank you.[youtube]via:

Fire Drill [video]


Wayback Wednesday: Own a piece of history – Matthew Broderick’s Wargames IMSAI 8080 up for sale

If you are in your late 30's or above, you may remember going to the theater to to watch the dubious story of Matthew Broderick accidentally "starting" thermonuclear war with his home computer in Wargames.  At the time, it probably seemed all too realistic...

Wayback Wednesday: First true website restored to former glory

Usually, when someone restores a historically relevant object, it is truly a spectacular thing, like restoring a vintage prop from an iconic TV series.  Some others though, are on the surface, not so much, but then...there's this.CERN, the people who brought us what we...

Would Buy: GIGS2GO [pic]

I would definitely purchase these for around the office!via:

Tech Win: Now that’s impressive – 16 YEARS of uptime [pic]

Gotta say, this is a testament to how good Netware 3.1x was...   via:

Holy crap, I’m blind [pic]

 Wow, I JUST realized I could do this with Windows 7.  I am waaaay too dependent on the context-menu. -Rob