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Words of holiday wisdom

Words of holiday wisdom

“Just got handed a Compaq Presario laptop, it is older than the dust in my basement. It has a fried backlight, useless CDROM, and dead battery. “Can you clean this up so I can give it to someone who doesn’t have a computer?”

I offered to destroy the hard drive and drop it off at a computer recycler tomorrow. But they didn’t quite understand – it can still run Windows me, it still has the sticker on the palm rest.

I explained giving this laptop to someone would be like dropping a penny in donation kettle, or expired can of spam for the food pantry …

Happy holidays to anyone else doing tech support today – I lift an eggnog to you.”

– and we lift an eggnog to you! – Rob

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

Picture Source: [katielips (CC)]


  1. My mom wanted to give an old workstation to my cousin for the same reason.. that thing weighs over 50 pounds and it says made for Windows 95/NT. I’d rather sell it to someone into old computers not someone that’d probably end up throwing it away.

  2. Just put some GNU/Linux distro with LXDE (e.g. openSUSE) on it and it’ll work fine. If it’s at least P3 + 64MB of RAM it’ll be good.


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