Windows Retro Interface [pic]

This is my new logon wallpaper…

  • Lee Seymour

    How do I get this!?!

  • Maevansvh

    Please please please post a download link for this…..

  • robotkoer

    Basically, you should have a lock screen tweaker (search!) and wallpaper (search/make). Go make it if you want :D

    • Adam Wade Ackerman

       thanks for the wonderful nugget of insight……………..
      use tweaks logon to change the screen, you can get it from cnet, i am still looking for the image.

      • robotkoer

        You’re welcome (if this was a compliment) and you should search for “Windows 1 boot” and then just modify the number to 7.

        • Dylan Valadez

          just type windows 1985 in google for the wallpaer

  • Kevin Thai

    Technically, this isn’t the seventh version of Microsoft Windows