It’s that new PowerPoint Virus.

I just got a frantic tech support call from the bosses wife. She said she opened an email attachment and now she can’t close it. She’s rebooted the computer twice and it’s still there. Immediately i thought it was an virus infected email attachment so i remotely logged into her computer to troubleshoot. Turns out […]

I’m here to install your drop box.


I could see this happening at our office. I work in an I.T. department that shares a helpdesk engine with several other departments and among them is our facilities maintenance that was accidentally chosen when a request came in to install Dropbox. Apparently the ticket was worded in such a way that our lead maintenance […]

Slow Cox


I hate it when my Cox is slow too. Oh, by the way the Starter Package is only 1mbps service. You’ll have to pay for a bigger Cox…I mean faster Cox. Maybe ask someone that is more experienced with Cox. Yes, I went there. Immature, I know.