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I was working as a Comcast home networking CSR and often got “irate” callers.

A lady calls up and starts yelling as soon as I say hello, complaining about her service not working and she pays good money for her Internet – it should be working, blah, blah, blah.  After five minutes I finally manage to get her phone number so I can pull up her account.  As soon as she tells me the number, I start looking;  she keeps yelling.  I notice right away all the odd house numbers on her street are off-line… so the conversation goes:

“Excuse me ma’am”…

“Don’t interupt me,, i’ve been trying to get one of you to fix this for almost half an hour. and I’m speaking so you WILL listen.”

“…but ma’am i believe I know whats wrong.”

“Then fix it!”

“Okay, can you just tell me if there is a grey or green box at the end of your street?”

“What do you need to know that for – just do your job and fix my Internet.”

“I’m trying to help but I need you just take a look for me.”

“Oh my god, it just never ends with you people. ok i’m going out side…” (door slams)  “oh….”

“Can you see the box ma’am?”

“It would appear that my neighbor ran the box over, I guess that’s why my Internet doesn’t work.”

“Yes ma’am, there should be some trucks there right away to fix it up, can I help you with anything else?”

“There’s four trucks here already, I guess I shouldn’t have yelled at you….”

“It happens all the time, if you have any more questions please call again. And have a great day.”

LOL gotta love it

– From the #1 irate call handler for 2006 86% solution in single contact.  As I say:  Think ahead of the caller and smile.  They can hear you  scowl.

[Picture Source: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious (CC)]


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