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I work as a Support Desk Analyst for a large Midwest insurance carrier so I frequently hear all kinds of things come out of the callers mouths.  I did not expect to hear this come out of my co-workers head.

We use a fax program that allows us to receive a fax directly onto our pc and an insurance agent was calling in over a rate discrepancy.  As is usually the case they did not save the quote in the computer but they did have a print out of the quote.  My co-worker asked her to fax it to him.  This is pretty normal for us, what I did not expect to hear when he received the fax was the following phrase.  Mam I need you to go ahead and re fax this to me it came in upside down…   WHAT???  I turned to him and asked him did he actually say that?  He looked back at me and actually had the gall to say, But it came in upside down…  My reply was, Well  then you go in to the menu bar and hit the rotate button so its right-side up…

That’s it I’m revoking your geek card…

By: Dale


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