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The printers from hell.


A little while ago we went from 60+ owned desktop printers to 16 leased MFDs. From a management point of view, much much cheaper to run and 4 hour callout on repairs. From a user point of view a longer walk to collect printouts and oooooo! CHANGE!

So, within a few weeks most users have settled down. Except one. Over a year later she is still complaining.

“The printer won’t print”

Me: *quick look at remote status app* “Its out of paper”

“What kind of crap design is this?”

“The printer won’t print”

Me: *quick look at remote status app* “oh, its out of toner”

“How can it be out of toner? we’ve only had the printer 9 months its crap!”

“The printer won’t do double sided, what a waste of money”

Me: *show the double sided button*

“We need the guys to come and look at the printer”

Me: “Why?”

“Every time I click this button in SIMS.net it crashes with the message unhandled exception”

Me: “So why is that the fault of the printer?”*

“blahblahblahblah – insert user generated bullcrap here”

And the greatest of all, to do a copy you have to log on with user and password. So I’ve had about 5 iterations of this.

“I can’t log on to the printer”

Me: “but you are logged on to the PC?”


Me: “Its the same User/Pass”

“No its not, its different on the printer”

Me: “It can’t be, they both authenticate against the same source”

*I go down, test printer with other users – it works*

Eventual solution?

“So if my password has capital letters in, I have to put the capital letters in the printer? Thats crap!”

* Yes, I know. don’t encourage the users.

By: Simon


  1. Ah the joys of adding change to a users environment. Not matter how easy you make it, someone will always complain. I’m remembering when a client I had lost her mind over the notion that the Microsoft Office dog (she always had the dog set instead of the paperclip) wasn’t there anymore because MS finally realized he was irritating the living hell out of everyone. Seems like no matter how many times I explained it, it never got through.


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