Sunday, December 10, 2023
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The printers from hell.

A little while ago we went from 60+ owned desktop printers to 16 leased MFDs. From a management point of view, much much cheaper to run and 4 hour callout on repairs. From a user point of view a longer walk to collect printouts and oooooo! CHANGE!

So, within a few weeks most users have settled down. Except one. Over a year later she is still complaining.

“The printer won’t print”

Me: *quick look at remote status app* “Its out of paper”

“What kind of crap design is this?”

“The printer won’t print”

Me: *quick look at remote status app* “oh, its out of toner”

“How can it be out of toner? we’ve only had the printer 9 months its crap!”

“The printer won’t do double sided, what a waste of money”

Me: *show the double sided button*

“We need the guys to come and look at the printer”

Me: “Why?”

“Every time I click this button in it crashes with the message unhandled exception”

Me: “So why is that the fault of the printer?”*

“blahblahblahblah – insert user generated bullcrap here”

And the greatest of all, to do a copy you have to log on with user and password. So I’ve had about 5 iterations of this.

“I can’t log on to the printer”

Me: “but you are logged on to the PC?”


Me: “Its the same User/Pass”

“No its not, its different on the printer”

Me: “It can’t be, they both authenticate against the same source”

*I go down, test printer with other users – it works*

Eventual solution?

“So if my password has capital letters in, I have to put the capital letters in the printer? Thats crap!”

* Yes, I know. don’t encourage the users.

By: Simon