Saturday, September 21, 2019
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PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. ID10T could also be the name of this category. Need we say more?

Well, you’re right about one thing, cords do NOT unplug themselves.

I work in a network operations center for a small ISP that offers VoIP. Since the place is kind of small, our department also handles a bit of general tech support for internet and phone issues. Most of it is really simple problems and/or...

Who will watch the watchmen

Who will watch the watchmen watching the watchmen. I assume it was to be a screenshot of a an error on our site?

I hate Windows 10 too.


Yo dawg, I heard you like email

So I sent you an email to tell you I emailed you.

Oh no, another victim

Looks like the scammers found someone who took the bait!

The case of the disappearing disks

Working for IBM/Kodak in a joint venture to support multiple vendors (Gateway, Packard Bell, etc), I got a call to go see about a computer that's eating floppy disks. Having my interest piqued, I called and she re-described the situation, and it sounded worth...

Oh people, you’ll install anything.

Cleaning up a computer and every window has this nosy chick on it. Users.

Copier PSA: Watch what button you press, mmmkay?

Had a user come up to me and ask why the copier was printing off a huge amount of copies...seemingly of a trivial source document.The reason? Another employee was at the copier a few minutes before and attempted to fax something out, but instead...

Can’t find the OAK button

Published with permission from TheDailyWTFDendro-computing (from Joe) A while ago, one of our clients asked extremely frustrated with not being able to find his oak button. I understood the seemingly strange request immediately."Ah ok sir that's easy you jus-"He was pretty worked up and interrupted...

Please Dispose Of Sketchy Accessories [story]

Seriously, if it breaks three computers - throw it away.via: