Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. ID10T could also be the name of this category. Need we say more?

Microwaved iPhone: How Do People Fall For This Crap? [pic]

"I work at a university tech support desk (ran by students.) One afternoon, this girl and her posse come up to the desk, saying...

At least he carefully weighed his options

Fairly bright guy called to tell me he had clicked a link in an email and now had malware. I gave him the usual...

Well, you’re right about one thing, cords do NOT unplug themselves.

I work in a network operations center for a small ISP that offers VoIP. Since the place is kind of small, our department also...

Who will watch the watchmen

Who will watch the watchmen watching the watchmen. I assume it was to be a screenshot of a an error on our site?

I hate Windows 10 too.


Yo dawg, I heard you like email

So I sent you an email to tell you I emailed you.

Oh no, another victim

Looks like the scammers found someone who took the bait!

The case of the disappearing disks

Working for IBM/Kodak in a joint venture to support multiple vendors (Gateway, Packard Bell, etc), I got a call to go see about a...

Oh people, you’ll install anything.

Cleaning up a computer and every window has this nosy chick on it. Users.

Copier PSA: Watch what button you press, mmmkay?

Had a user come up to me and ask why the copier was printing off a huge amount of copies...seemingly of a trivial source...