Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Color blind

I got a call from our facility librarian who informed me she needed a new hose. I informed her that I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, and she reiterated that she needed a new hose.

I asked, “Jody – you are aware that you called the IT department? Are you needing the maintenance department?” She replied, “No, I need a new hose, a blue one, I ran over my blue hose with my chair and it doesn’t work!”

As it turns out, we used blue colored Cat5, and she had been rolling her chair over it until it no longer worked.

She was rather concerned that I was replacing it with a gray colored hose, and wanted reassured that it would work as reliably as her old blue one.

I told her just to make sure she never parked her chair wheel on the hose, as email could back up behind the blockage and build up pressure. I told her that when she moved the chair, the email would blast into the computer at approximately 2/3 the speed of light, and could damage something. As a precaution, I told her if she ever found herself in that situation to turn off the monitor before removing the chair to be sure that the pressurized emails didn’t break the glass.

She was very thankful for the advice, and to my knowledge has taken great care to not run over the “hose” with her chair.

via: [Spiceworks Community]

[Picture Source: nzhamstar (CC)]