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There’s a packet stuck…

There’s a packet stuck…

Had a customer call up one of the other techs that I worked with, and explain that he could not communicate with one of their servers. He told the other tech what he had done to troubleshoot, and then declared that “I think there’s some DATA STUCK IN THE CABLE.” He was completely serious. He actually thought that there were little folders that streamed back & forth through the CAT5 like it was a hose… The worst part is that he was their Network Administrator!

All of us techs that were in the room spent the next several days thinking up methods & contraptions to clean the data out of the cable (shake it like an etch-a-sketch, blow it out with canned air, coat hanger with a q-tip, etc)

BTW, the issue actually ended up being that he had managed to destroy the TCP/IP stack on a 2k3 Server because he was using a production box as a test lab…

via: [Spiceworks Community]

[Picture Source: Patrick Hoesly (CC)]



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