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  1. Have a location that used to have problems with the T-1, for years. Turned out to be a Cat5 that was extended with wirenuts. Installed by the phone company tech.

    • I would never let a phone tech touch a digital line. I’ve spent the last two months repairing a data network that was installed by phone techs. They stripped cat5e back to the edge of the patch panel so every pair is smashed together by the tie wraps. They also didn’t label anything. Some jacks only had the green and orange pairs terminated, making it difficult to tone them out since most toners use the blue pair. I’ve seen even worse from electricians.

  2. was last weekand at a friends house. she did the same thing. didn’t work. she was shure it should work. for me it was like *facepalm*

  3. Meh. I’ve seen (and done) worse. You’d be surprised the abuse cat5e can handle and still function. I guess it depends on the application though. I once used dolphin splices to repair a cat5e run that was carrying a video signal and had been cut because the original installer wrapped the run around a water pipe that got hit by a forklift and broke one of the supports off. The warehouse manager was already planning to move and didn’t want to shell out the money to replace the run. I’m sure it wouldn’t handle 100 Mb/s or even 10, but it was enough for rs170.


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