Home From The Field Should she really be the head of IT?

Should she really be the head of IT?

Should she really be the head of IT?

I am currently interning at this small school as part of my class at a career center. (Guide to Career Education has a list of schools offering IT and computer courses if you’re also interested to pursue an IT career.)  The head of IT is this woman who also teaches business and PE. Well one day I walk in and she hands me this HP laptop saying the mouse on it doesn’t work.  So after searching the entire school for a USB mouse (because they feel up-to-date means nothing but ps/2) I turn it on and test the touch pad. Guess what? It works fine. Then I look and I notice this small white dot in the corner.

Testing it out, I tap it twice and it turns bright orange and the trackpad turns off. then I tap it again and the light turns off but the pad is on. I tell her this and she says alright and all is done.

But there is more.

Next day I come in and she says the same thing with the added “I tried what you said but it still didn’t work.” I turn it on and it works again. then I tap the button again and it turns off again then I turn the pad on again. When I say tap though I obviously mean double tap. Its like clicking. you double click when something says click this icon, right? well I tried to be nice when I said double tap.

Next day, she says it works fine, though she still has problems with it every so often.

No hope for some… -Rob


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