Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Thank you Captain Obvious!

Mondays are always a great day for the helpdesk. It seems an overwhelmingly large number of users do something over the weekend that causes them to forget most, if not everything, they knew the week before. I’m used to unlocking an account or two and resetting a password… but this mornings incident was unprecedented.

User: I am having trouble opening a word document, can you help?

Me: *Logs into her computer and sees Word open in the task bar* Where are you opening this document from?

User: I got it from this email, see?

Me: *Toggles view to her secondary monitor and finds the document open and in focus* Hey, do you see the document? It’s on your second monitor.

User: Oh, there it is!

Sometimes, I wish we had web-cams installed at every desk so we could capture these moments of revelation.

via: [Kevin Bumber]