Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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There’s Magic in the Air

It’s not bad enough that until I started working where I do now, I had no idea a USB plug would fit into an ethernet port.  Today I almost cried.

The office is getting a remodel, and when the maintenance guys removed the shelves from the back room, it uncovered the cable for the internet that was coming in from the ceiling and down the wall.  I figured they’d just build that into the new wall when it goes up.  As I’m leaving, I hear my boss say “We don’t need that anymore, do we?  None of our computers are connected to it, so we can just take it out,” she says to the head maintenance guy, and then calls to me in the front room, “Isn’t that right?  All our computers now get internet from the air?”

I’m really not sure how I got to this point, but the best explanation that got the point across was, “There’s a box on the end of that cable that puts the magic in the air, and if you get rid of the cable, the box can’t give us internet.” o_0 I’m so glad I hadn’t gone home for the day yet.