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  1. You just need to do a Google search.

    I once spent more than a half-hour searching Microsoft’s Knowledge Base looking for a fix to a problem I was having. I tried searching for different variations of words trying to get to something that I was sure was on there, but I finally gave up.

    I went to Google, did a search using my first terms that I tried for the Knowledge Base, and lo and behold, the very first result was the MS Knowledge Base article I needed (I didn’t even tell it to look at the Knowledge Base).

    I haven’t used Knowledge Base search since then.

  2. Yeah.. Microsoft’s website kinda sucks. I always search through Google when I need something from it then just double check it is the official site. I forgot exactly which product, but I’ve been provided with links that appear to lead somewhere other than the home page, and they go to the home page and make you search for yourself with their crappy search. 


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