When you need help, simply close your eyes.


Sender encrypts and sends an email to outside recipient using Barracuda’s encrypted email service.

Derpcipient: I am unable to see what you sent below.  Can you tell me more about this?

Sender: I have to send them encrypted now. If you click on where it says “Click Here” it will allow you to create a user name and password.  Please let me know if you have problems.  Thanks.

Derpcipient: I have tried to enter a couple of different passwords and word with number combinations and it will not work for me.  Are there a number and character limit I have to have?

Sender: I actually just spoke with our IT department…they said all you need to do is follow the instructions below and there shouldn’t be a problem. They said if your password isn’t complex enough it will tell you. Good Luck!

DerpcipientIt does not tell me it just gave me a red stop sign.  That is why I wanted to know if there was a minimum character limit.  What I put in below was 7 letters and 4 other characters. Sorry to be such a pain.

Derpcipient: Just to let you know I did finally get a password.  You need up to 8 letters up to 4 numbers and 1 special character such as a dollar sign.  Sorry for being so dense but there was no instructions to help me so I felt a little lost on this one.  Thanks!

IT Commentary: If there “weren’t any instructions” how did you know that the password needed “8 letters, up to 4 numbers, and 1 special character such as a dollar sign?”   For the record, it is simply one special character in a password no less than 8 characters.  You know, like it says.  NEXT TO YOUR PASSWORD FIELD…

This happens all the time.