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Winner: Outstanding Guru of the year!

Winner: Outstanding Guru of the year!

From the Daily WTF comes another gem…

I made the mistake of giving my real email address to a headhunter I met at a local dev event. So now I get emails like this…

Hi Benjamin,

I am working with one of the best known media organisations in the world. 

They are truly successful, with over £2 billion of turnover each year. The
company is without doubt one of the flashest and coolest places to work.
The lead developer there is so skilled that he has been given numerous
awards for just being outstanding. 

He is a true luminary in his field and is without doubt one of the key
figures behind the company being one of the most profitable companies out
there. Everybody can learn from him, he is essentially the Dali Lama of
the iPhone coding world. You would be working alongside this guru in a
small team of carefully selected developers, hand picked for their coding
excellence and coolness. The project that you would be working on would be
predominantly iPhone native language based, but there may also be an element
of Ruby on Rails involved too. JSON experience is also desired. 

The guru has already built, single handedly an application which enables
all of the companies' famous magazines to be converted from PDF format to
the iPad with minimal extra work required for developers. The software
enables HTML pages to be added to add bonus pages etc. This already
extremely successful in the UK and is being rolled out across Poland and
Kiev shortly.

The company itself is one of the most fine places to work, minimalist
Scandinavian style offices with awards mounted in plexigass and titanium
frames upon the walls, a drink fountain serving the purest chilled spring
water fresh from the Malvern Hills. One has not lived until meeting with
this company, an environment in which they meticulously produce the finest
quality of code, as pure as the water which emanates from the stainless
steel spout of their drink dispenser. 

--- snip several paragraphs describing a tree in a nearby garden ---

Do get in touch immediately if you are interested in this most wonderful

Jerome F-------

I can’t wait to get started working for “The Guru” who has been given numerous awards just for “being outstanding”!

Reposted with permission from: [TheDailyWTF]



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