Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Skill level: executive

I work as a Sys Admin at an Ivy League college for my department only.  Our department manager thinks we do nothing but carry around keyboards and usb keys; she has stated as much to my supervisor.  She is a mean, cold, evil woman who can’t remember her own name half the time.  The other day I get a phone call (instead of an email address, because she can’t remember to email support instead of us individually) that she can no longer “hear sounds.”

She stated that she went into the control panel and her sound settings appeared to be ok.  I have no idea how she remembered to do that, but gave her credit and told her I would come take a look.

As I walk in her office, I can see that her speakers are off (no light).  So I ask her to please turn on her speakers (as she sits in her chair and “guards” her computer unless you ask to touch it).  She looks at me with her usual deer-in-headlight look and says “how?”

I ask for permission to reach around her and quickly turn them on and leave…BEFORE I fall over laughing.  As it happened, her friend and partner-in-crime (the HR director) who sits two doors down from her had the EXACT same issue a week before.

[Picture Source:Brian Lane Winfield Moore (CC)]