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Dad doesn’t understand Mac

Dad doesn’t understand Mac

We here at the Faildesk take many-a-potshots at Macs, but,here’s something a little different for you:

Not really a tech support post, but I thought you guys might like this one. It’s short and sweet.

My dad is sort of proficient with computers – he knows his way around the MS Office suite. He can browse, e-mail, etc. Nothing too advanced though. And one day, he left his laptop at work and needed to check his e-mails, so I let him borrow my laptop… which is a MacBook Pro. I booted it up for him, logged into my account, and left him to it because he told me that “he has a reasonable understanding of Macs”. Walked out of the room, went downstairs to make myself a coffee, watch a bit of TV, etc. and then almost 45 minutes later he shouted me up. I walked into my room, and he was sat at my desk looking frustrated. Then he just looked at me and went, “This is f$#!@ing ridiculous – where’s the “start” button?!”

This set me off laughing.  I told him the difference between a Mac and a PC, showed him how to work the dock; he then refused to use my laptop because he didn’t believe that “Chrome was safe,” and tried to make me install IE. Of which he then didn’t believe that you can’t install it on OS X.

-edited slightly – Rob

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]


  1. Oh God…another self proclaimed IT tech that think macbooks and pcs are two different things….THEY USE THE SAME HARDWARE YOU DOLT!!! ITS THE OS THAT IS DIFFERENT!!!!! Are we gonna start calling computers that run linux linuxes?


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