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“I have a Mac, I don’t get viruses”

As an IT consultant in Sydney, Australia, i look after several clients. One client has a user in the US who emailed this week stating that his computer had sent a couple of messages all by itself and that it seems like a worm or something. he asked me to let him know if there was anything he should be doing at this end to deal with it.

He provided a copy of the message and confirmed that the recipient had not received the message. i checked the server and could not find any trace of it being sent or received.

I emailed back confirming that it is possible that it is some sort of worm or virus and could he run full virus scan of his PC.

The response i received a couple of hours later was: “I use an Apple MacBook and therefore don’t use antivirus software.”

…well, we know the rest of this story, don’t we? -Rob

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