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Self repair

Had this conversation a couple weeks ago…


User: Hey Mike, my computer hasn’t worked for 3 days!! Can you please come help me?

Me: really? 3 days and you’re just now calling me?

User: I had other stuff to do.

Me: Ok, are you sure it’s not just unplugged again?

User: No – I checked!

Me: Fine, I’ll be right up.


I hung up the phone and continued to eat my bacon and egg sandwich.

30 seconds passes, and the phone rings again.

User: uh…never mind.

Me: It was unplugged wasn’t it?

User: No!  Someone had disconnected it so they could plug in their laptop.

Me: Disconnected…so, it was unplugged again?

User: …goodbye..*click*

Me: …

Back to my sandwich, and a pat on the back for a job well done so early in the morning.



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