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Ticket ineptitude or, “this is why we drink”

Some examples from the Spiceworks Community discussing favorite tickets:

[Printer] Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Subject: Printer not printing

Description: Nothing is printing

Resolution: Visited user, turned on printer.

[Laptop] Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

User has a laptop and its completely frozen

I asked her to press and hold the power button

She said where is the power button

You know the button you press every day to turn on your laptop that is the power button


Subject: new pc’s

Description: “the new added to shop need! printers added put into synchroneyes”

An email by any other name:

User: I can’t send any emails to so-and-so!! They keep bouncing back!!

(He was trying to email one of his own employees within the company – he’s a manager. Then he proceeds to send all of his non-delivery reports to me)

Me: You spelled her name wrong.

[Picture Source: grenade (CC)]