Friday, July 12, 2024


I walk in to work and everyone is in a massive panic. ‘So and So’s interactive whiteboard wont work, we don’t know what to do, it’s been like this for days, the deputy (who is relatively good with computers and considers himself IT savvy, which he isn’t) has looked at it and ‘we just can’t work it out’. So I check it out.

Whenever you would select an icon on the desktop, or a link on a webpage the cursor would madly start shifting to the right. This happened when you selected something using the interactive whiteboard and using a mouse. I assumed it was something to do with the mouse settings, so I went to go in and change it. Then realized that I had to log out of the computer to log into my admin account. I go to do this and I can’t select log out because the cursor is going mad. So I think fine, I’ll just use the keyboard then… Where’s the keyboard?

The keyboard had fallen on the floor and was pressed up against the desk leg, which happened to be depressing the right arrow key. I picked up the keyboard put it on the desk, struggling to contain my laughter and then had to explain to a room full of adults why it hadn’t been working, including the ‘tech savvy’ deputy.

This is why I get paid the big bucks.