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  1. @corfy:disqus :: See Yahoo or Aol. 
    @google-d36e143569369878dd9a9ca6782b6ae3:disqus :: I guess it depends on which you give out to people.

  2. I have a lame, ~6-year-old [***@yahoo.com] address and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Please do enlighten me on why I should be dissatisfied with it.

    Do people actually appreciate Google’s bots harvesting their GMail contents in order to serve them personalized ads? Are they entirely comfortable with their e-mail contents, their Google searches and data from other Google services used under the same Google account being combined?

    •  This. I have an long standing Yahoo account. It’d be a serious PITA to swap from it to gmail just because gmail is the current hip email service. Bills, family, and other official personal items are all set up on this account. GFY info-graphic producer. GFY.

  3. @ hotmail: I’ve had this for over a decade, and it aint broke. EOD it’s an Email service, and i like my old college buddies to be able to find me now we’re in our thirties and we’re all working contracts in odd places.

  4. Wrong. I have hotmail and yahoo. I don’t use a compaq, I don’t type in capitals (see), I despise chain emails, I have never had problems with spyware as I know a lot about computers and how to protect them and I don’t even have myspace!

    I’ve had these emails for years and I have them because I use the messenger services. What a ridiculous post.

    • its a joke thanks for being super serious and taking the fun out of it….when i was growing up and these all came out its how it used to be hell i still know people like this. does it fit everyone no but it was for a lol not for some one to take it apart like you did and take out all the fun wtg you have no seance of humor

      • It’s hardly taking the ‘fun’ out of it, it’s her view and opinion that this is wrong for her. So go back to learning how to spell instead of shouting at everyone else.

        • first off i was not shouting at her far from it… and you are right it is her “opinion” but its people like here that splits hairs and say nope it does not fit me so it must be wrong for everyone and bad pick it apart stuff like that just annyos the hell out of me people should learn how to relax and take a joke insted of saying how much something is wrong and sucks thats just my “opinion”

          and really a spelling insult gee not the first time i have heard that one be for i have dyslexia its a fight i go threw every day trust me i hate being my age and spell like a five year old but i deal with maybe you should not judge people until you know the whole story sorry my spelling is not up to your standers

  5. I have all but AOL… only one yahoo account but I have at least a couple of each of the others. I’ve had my yahoo account for 8 years though, it’s basically just a spam inbox that I use when I don’t trust a site.

  6. Not ‘remarkably accurate’ at all, I have Hotmail and don’t use Compaq, definitely don’t think Myspace is ‘hip’ (for one i’ve never even had a Myspace account) and have no issues with Spyware. :/


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