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It’s All in the Presentation

I started phone support back around the Holidays 1999. My initial duties were as system/OS support for Macs…one of my most memorable calls ever occurred the first week.

The caller, an older woman, told me that she was writing a newsletter for her church.

The problem, she said, was that when printing, she’s only getting half of her text and pictures.

Over the course of the call, we power-cycled her printer, tested different USB ports for the cable, cleaned the cartridges, even temporarily replaced them with extras that she had purchased to no avail.

While puzzling through the issue, I asked her what colors she was having problems with.

She said “Yellow isn’t showing up when printing.”

Then I asked what exactly she was printing.

“Oh, I’m printing this newsletter about daisies, on this wonderful goldenrod (yellow) paper…”

[Picture Source: johnny2love (CC)]