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So, 0 antivirus programs installed?

So I was having some issues with some programs that seemed suspicious to me at work and I wanted to scan the computer just to make sure everything was okay when I was working on some testimonial videos.  We have Symantec Endpoint Protection but I had installed Spybot S&D because this computer is a spyware nightmare waiting to happen….

However, scanning with the Symantec Endpoint Protection requires an admin password.  So I email tech support.


Me: Hello!

You guys have Symantec Endpoint Protection on our PC’s however in order for us to run it ourselves it requires a password which I do not have. Either A) can I have the password to check for viruses intermittently or B) can you run it on the back office computer. Thank you 🙂


Them: Derpette,

I am sorry we do not give that password out. It is an administrative password. You Endpoint software is running all the time so there is no need in most cases to run a manual scan. Is something happening on that computer that is causing you to be alarmed?

Please reply to this email so that we can have a better understanding of what is going on.

All Knowing IT Man

Me: Well I was trying to use a program to edit a testimonial video and my Spybot S&D popped something up about it but the endpoint didn’t. I scanned with the Spybot and got 36 spyware/malwares off the computer. So I just wanted to do a check. I got rid of the programs and wanted to just do a sweep to make sure everything was clear.



Them: Installing multiple antivirus programs in not recommended. It can actually cause programs to not function properly.

All Knowing IT Man


-FACEPALM-  I was about to return an e-mail stating the Spybot S&D was a Spyware/Malware remover not an anti-virus but….  It just hurt too bad…  Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing.  All I asked was for you to scan the computer because your software won’t let me do it myself.