Maybe I’m not explaining myself good enough

20:04:29Me:Hello! Thank you for contacting ***** Field Support. My name is Jessica. How can I help you?
20:04:40Customer:I has on a leave of absense when we changed over to the new email format, now my email does not work with the newer emails, when sending documents.
20:05:35Me:Let me take a look at that for you.
20:09:15Me:What happens when you try to send a document?
20:10:52Customer:It does not reconise any documents. takes out the format
20:12:19Me:Alright, I’m going to make a test doc and try to send it from your email, ok? One moment please.
20:22:19Me:Hmm… I just tried one, and it seemed to work alright. How are you adding the documents?
20:23:42Customer:I did not receive any email
20:24:04Me:Oh, are you not able to open them?
20:24:28Customer:Our store management and everyone has a different email.
20:24:49Me:How are you getting to your email?
20:25:43Customer:I get email
20:25:56Me:Which pc are you on?
20:26:28Customer:If you send me something that has been done on word and i try to copy and resend it does not send in the format
20:28:23Me:Just sent one
20:28:43Customer:Store management work bench
20:29:32Customer:ok who do i send it to
20:29:48Me:Did you receive my email?
20:30:55Customer:Yes did and it was blank
20:31:24Me:There’s an attachment there… how are you getting to your email?
20:32:56Customer:I recieve all email but all documents are blank
20:33:53Customer:If I receive a document its ok but sending they receive a no format page
20:34:26Me:Are you adding the documents as an attachment?
20:35:39Customer:I have the old format,
20:35:41Me:When you’re trying to check your email, how do you get there?
20:36:23Customer:on the wire and long on to email
20:37:33Customer:My email is different format and color, and i log on the same way all management does
20:38:31Me:In the email you sent me, I didn’t receive an attachment at all.
20:38:59Customer:We sent it to you
20:42:52Me:I’m afraid not… looking in both my inbox, and your outbox, there is no email with an attachment. I received an email, and it has text in it – but it was not attached.
20:43:35Customer:Did you get an email that is rotation documents
20:43:46Me:Yes ma’am I did – but that’s not an attachment.
20:44:32Me:If you look in your ‘Sent Items’ at the ‘FW: Test Page’ message – that is an attachment.
20:45:57Customer:All three i sent say FW
20:47:04Me:FW means ‘Forwarded’, not attachments. The paperclip before the [] Jessica means attachment.
20:47:40Me:And that document opened just fine. 🙂
20:49:08Customer:Ok well i guess you cant help, I will call field support . Everyone in my store can tell you my email is mess up.
20:49:34Customer:Maybe im not explaining myself good enough