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  1. Well that’s a bit odd…In all my years working on computers I’ve never once seen that message…and if I did, I’d be a bit worried since it’s only using 12% of the CPU and has 89% of the RAM available.

    •  Well 11% available, 89% is being used. and its not showing all the processes though 59 are running. gata love windows 7…..

      •  Exactly. Epic fail here is not showing all processes running.

        People. Can’t kill them and you can’t take way their computers.

      •  yep. File.->new task-> type the name

        though if you’re showing all processes from all users, whatever you run will be elevated i.e. as admin

          • He ran shutdown.exe from the taskbar. This question asks how you run explorer. And I actually have no idea what that means to run shutdown.exe from the taskbar. Does he mean he ran taskmanager and ran it from there?

            And the question above references explorer.exe which isn’t listed in the caption. So your comment about reading is actually quite funny.

          • Ok, let’s recap, shall we? The caption says that explorer.exe locked up. It also states that shutdown was run from the taskbar. At this point, I can only assume that means to hit START and select Shut Down. But you can’t do that if explorer has locked up. I asked how he could have done this impossible thing, and people start telling me that you can run shutdown from the task manager… I KNOW you can run it from there. If he had said that’s where he ran it from I wouldn’t have asked anything.

            Reading comprehension, none of you has it.

          • That’s not what you asked. Your question is, and I quote:

            “How do you shut down from the taskbar if explorer.exe has

            When you ask a specific question like this on a technical forum, expect a technical answer and don’t tell people they have reading comprehension failure because they took you literally. THREE people took you literally. I don’t think that’s sign they have reading comprehension failure. Obviously, you weren’t clear here.

          • How do you “shut down from taskbar” if explorer.exe has stopped?

            Does that make it clear for you? English you twit! I did not ask “how do you shut down if explorer.exe has stopped”. Note the difference there?

            Holy dog toffee, son!


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