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  1. I fix laptops all the time and those sort of comments really get to me.  It’s an insult, some people want everything for nothing.  

  2. I have  soo many customers like this, I explain to them..COST = Insurance – Me driving to you- Me spending 20minutes fixing it- Me Personally guaranteeing that the part will work – Me Spending my time hunting for your part based on the small amount of informatiton you have gave me ( errmmm… it says HP,…..No sorry sir Whats the model number….ermmmm, i just told you its a HP **HEAD BANG**)   after all this and i take off the 20% tax i dont actually earn much from the repair. So anyway i go to fix it.. only to find out that the only reason the screen is broken in the first place is because the customer carelessly knocked his £500 laptop off his bed, Whilst most probably watching porn.

  3. I usually tell customers that they’re free to check prices for their repairs at other places. My prices don’t seem too bad after they’ve checked with the Geek Squad and their ilk.


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