Friday, July 12, 2024
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YEAH, hang up the phone.

User calls in reporting she is unable to receive any calls. It was working before and just recently stopped.

Turns out she is has recently started working from out of her home and her calls are routed through some software to her landline.

First thoughts lead to her Internet connection or her connection to the private domain.  I remote in and spend about 20 minutes checking all her settings, verifying the Internet and secure private connection.  All is in working order.  In addition, I am talking to her on her landline so that’s good.

Okay, lets test it.

I get off her landline and open a chat window to check the status.  I see a call come in, she answers.  The call seems to connect and then ends abruptly after 10-15 seconds.  Hmmm.  She tries another while I am watching.  Same thing.  I message her and let her know I am going to call her via her software extension.  It goes straight to landline voicemail.

This seems a little strange.  I tried again and it was busy.  I ask her to call me direct to discuss this.

She messages me back, “Should I hang the phone up?”

Me: SurprisedSealed

Me: ? Yes, call me.

Her: k.

She calls me.  I ask if the phone has been off the hook the whole time.

Her: Yes.

Me: You do realize the phone line goes dead if you leave it off the hook?

Her: Really?  I didn’t like having to pick it up every time it rang. So I just left it off the hook and hit answer on the computer.

Me: Take your pic…

[Picture Source: raindog808 (CC)]