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I can’t believe all these images are FREE!

I can’t believe all these images are FREE!

I’m not IT.  So I understand if this doesn’t quite meet faildesk standards, you know you…like if you can’t program with the big dogs, get our of the server room….or something like that.  Where I work, I’m just that person the somehow knows magical things that no-one else in the office can figure out…. like how to print screen or set up vacation autoreply.

Because of my Facebook addiction, they decided to let me play to my strengths and handle a little social media on the side.

During a staff meeting, it was decided that I should create and run an ad. And I was like…alright, so what picture should we use?  I can try and find some cheap/free stock images maybe?  And my Boss, was like “oh, I have a site I go to for free images” and I think, that’s perfect, problem solved.  Until she says “I just go to google images, there’s tons of pictures there!”

At which point I turned into that “Danger Will Robinson” robot.  If I had little silver slinky arms I would have gone totally spastic.  Trying to recount how many, posters, fliers, ads might now be circulating, with a nice copyrighted image on it.

So I informed the whole staff in the most neurotic fashion possible “DON’T DO THAT!”  “NEVER DO THAT!”  “EVER!”

So that brings us to the next day, where I was still on the hunt for a picture.  And my coworker, who was at the staff meeting, who is also the one who is in charge of actual advertising says “oh I have a great place to get pictures, and goes straight to Google Images.”  You can lead the staff to meetings….but you can’t make them turn of selective hearing.

I finally got my point across by saying…you know, if we run a Google Image search about OUR business, OUR pictures will show up, would you want someone downloading a picture of you and using it to randomly advertise their product?  No?  Really?  You sure?  Ok then.


  1. I think anything posted here meets the standards.
    For your story i know this stuff all too well. People in IT would be the only people other than your law figures who know about their copyright law. Copyright is some serious shit which can land you in jail, or cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if the content owner takes it that far. Copyright is something everyone should understand to at least some degree, otherwise one day you could possibly be getting 5 years sharing a cell with “jimmy”.


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