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Can’t find the OAK button

Published with permission from TheDailyWTF

Dendro-computing (from Joe)
A while ago, one of our clients asked extremely frustrated with not being able to find his oak button. I understood the seemingly strange request immediately.

“Ah ok sir that’s easy you jus-”

He was pretty worked up and interrupted me ,”I can’t find it anywhere, almost every button I can see is plastic.”

“Yes actually the butto-”

“The whole keyboard is plastic,” he cut me off again, ” this is so frustrating, you think an wooden button would be easy to find.”

“Well you see sir, its not an ‘oak’ butt-”

“Hold on buddy, I’m gonna set the phone down for a second while I check behind the computer, maybe it’s one of these back buttons.”

“Sir, no its…,” but he was already gone, presumably on his hands and knees pulling his whole computer out. I heard faint grunts. I waited and the next time when he got back on the phone, I was ready.

He picked it up and began, “Well I checked around back, all those buttons are plastic too, not an oak button in sight, maybe-”


“Hold on buddy I was in the midd-”

“Sir, there is no oak button,” I said in my most commanding tone.

“But it said I had to find an oak butt-”

“Sir, there is no oak button, you are looking for the ‘OK’ button.”

“Oh…. well that makes more sense.”

“Yes sir, yes it does.”,-Dendrocomputing,-and-More.aspx