Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Sticky situation

Okay, so I was helping in the rollout of new Windows machines as well as inventory/surplus of the old machines. One day, my team and I stumbled upon this disgusting excuse for a workstation. We talked to the user’s boss and this is what we could deduce:

The user had been fired/laid off earlier that year and it seems as though the user got revenge by trashing his laptop. It was almost clearly on purpose. There was different colored sugary stuff ALL over the laptop. But, the most incriminating part of all was that the user had used duct tape to cover the heat exhaust and melt/warp the chassis. Not sure what happened after that. I know they were looking into sticking the guy with the cost of replacement but not sure how they could do that since he didn’t work there anymore.

via: [Reddit\techsupportgore]

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